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Best App For Your Event

Useco allows its users to create specialized or public events, send notifications about upcoming events to other Useco users and it is all for free.



Useco’s DNA

Innovative QR Code System

Get’s rid of badges and business cards.

Lower Costs

Avoids the cost of printing badges and business cards.

Quick Interaction

Makes light speed interaction possible in or out of the events.

Continuous Connection

Keeps its users connected and coordinated.


What are your acquisitions with Useco?

You can stay connected with your network everywhere.

Personal Acquisitions

Puts an end to usage of traditional business cards!

Offers updatable business cards!

Easy connections and communication!

Accesebility to lots of events and instant notificiations!

Community Acqusitions

Ending the era of traditional badges!

Puts an end to endless queues!

Seamless attendant checks!

Opportunity to build teams at events!


Reach Beyond the Limits of Events.

Useco notifies you about limitless events around you to make your experience more effective and fun. Thanks to its recommendation system you can reach beyond the limits of events and never miss an opportunity.

Scan & Go!

Pass without waiting!

Scan the code and reach unlimited content.

QR Code

Useco cares the world we live in!


Useco aims to reduce total carbon footprint of the events by transferring all the functions of badges and business cards to mobile devices. In this era, Useco stands for more eco-friendly events.


Useco aims to cancel out the consumption of paper and plastic that used for making badges and business cards, with this, ten thousand trees can be dried from being cut and bring back to nature.


Useco prioritizes the events that promote mass awareness about environment. We are protecting the nature and aim to enlighten people about its significance.

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